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If there is a problem or update to your data which could cause a hiccup for your app, LunaBolt I.T. will start taking care of your server-side problem, right when it gets detected.
LunaBolt can prepare for an increase of traffic or a new dataflow by adding new serverspace beforehand, and letting your team know up to a month beforehand when a spike is expected.
Code and data gets really messy really fast. This can slow your future plans for your app / startup. LunaBolt I.T. can mitigate future problems by checking your permissions beforehand.

Coverage of LunaBolt:

LunaBolt helps you manage your hybrid, multi-cloud environments while empowering founders with auto-service IT in Google Cloud and Firebase applications. We are a cloud management platform (CMP) that empowers end-users with self-service environments, and IT admins with visibility and control. LunaBolt transforms your IT environment into one where you’re hands-off.

We provision, orchestrate, and automate infrastructure resources—transforming how end-users interact with their data centers and access public and private cloud environments.

Feature Highlights

Kubernetes Management: Easily manage the complete lifecycle of your Kubernetes clusters. Deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters in minutes–not in hours or days. Monitor your clusters closely, better understand where they’re deployed, and who’s deploying them.

Asyncronous I.T.: LunaBolt lets developers order the resources they need, whenever they need. Whether that’s compute, storage, and complex multi-tier application stacks, waiting weeks for IT to fulfill your tickets is a thing of the past. LunaBolt also allows administrators to set security and compliance guardrails to ensure well-configured workloads.

Multi-cloud and Hypervisor Management: Adding multi-cloud management tools to your IT arsenal helps you to manage all the scenarios. You no longer have to grapple with teams attempting to manage and access resources in separate environments. With LunaBolt you can centralize cloud management while maintaining granular visibility and control.

Brownfield Deployment and Discovery: Easily import, sync, and manage legacy deployments as well as new cloud environments. Our solution eliminates the unknowns of your environment and gives you a holistic view of all IT assets, both old and new. LunaBolt solves inventory uncertainty, provides a consistent user interface for managing assets, and alleviates spreadsheet chaos.

Governance: LunaBolt makes organizational hierarchy clear, allowing you to see the order of your systems and who’s using them. Approvals can be triggered for both public and private cloud and alerts can be sent based on groups and services criteria (development, test, etc.). Users gain access to the resources without over-provisioning, and IT can stop the cat herding. Set group-level quotas, resource expiration dates, and default conditions to avoid resource sprawl.

Key Benefits

  • Speed IT deployments 
  • Simple, intuitive installation and configuration 
  • Line of business cost transparency
  • Greater workload flexibility enables end-user auto-service 
  • Drive more value from existing IT investments 
  • Facilitates DevOps
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